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724: Masters Leave the Dojo

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Are you the best at what you do?

Ever notice how it’s usually not the best who help people the most?

I’m a huge advocate of having mastery over your craft. Without this, you can’t create the amount of transformation for those you wish to serve as is possible for you or them.

But it’s not mastery for mastery’s sake. It’s mastery because of the level of result you can produce for someone in the marketplace or in your chosen cause.

That’s only one half of the battle.

I’m also an advocate of being there for those who need you. If I know about you or you’re never there for me when I need you, you’re what use is your mastery?

Even if you’ve not mastered your craft, but you’re there when your audience needs you, equipped with your resolve to figure out how to produce the results they need… isn’t that more valuable than mere mastery?

Mastery is half of the battle. Being there when it counts is the other half.

Both are just as important as each other.

Being ‘the best’ is a noble pursuit that we should all strive for. But never doubt the significance of simply ‘being there’.

As skilled as you may be, you can’t protect anyone if you never leave the dojo.


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