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December 04, 2019     Daily Post

Setting Ourselves up for Success

There are two types of people.

Those who set themselves up for success, and those who expect others to set them up for success.

In our businesses I’ve experienced both. I thought I’d share some takeaways from the experience:

#1 You probably have around you people who want to help you grow and succeed. If you don’t, there’s a lot of people out there – go find yours.

In our businesses there are teams designed to make you grow. Perhaps your environment is the same. In such an environment, there’s no excuse to not grow, none, unless someone isn’t prepared to take advantage of the environment prepared for them.

#2 You are in control of this situation. If you want to grow, then grow. If you’re not growing, it’s up to you to do something about it.

We can all decide to ask for guidance and input on how to grow, then grow accordingly with everyone’s support. Or we can deem our circumstances unfavorable for growth, as though the world is mean and out to get us. We are all in control over how we respond, we all have the power to take initiative and seek guidance to grow. We’ve all the ability to surround ourselves with those who want to see us do exactly that. That’s why we developed an environment like this in our businesses.

#3 You have a decision to make. The question is, will you take the initiative? To become the best version of yourself, commit to doing the best work of your life, to geometrically compounding the quality of your craft and effectiveness of your communication?

We all have the ability to set ourselves up for success. But it rarely gets handed to us on a silver platter. Will you do what it takes?