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November 27, 2019     Daily Post

Ew, Salesperson

And yet, we are all in sales.

We sell the idea of going to a particular restaurant this evening.

We sell those close to us on the ability to believe in themselves.

We sell the assurance that we can complete a project for someone.

And we believe those things when we’re told by people who aren’t “a salesperson”.

To be a great salesperson, you must not be a salesperson:

To do the opposite of what they do is to get what they desire.

If they chase and ask for the sale, don’t ask, be chased.

If they pitch and impress, instead advise and set expectations.

If they’re high-energy and cheesy, be calm, stoic.

If they follow up to excess, be chased. Be professional.

If they’re attached to an outcome, be unattached – let your advice to taken as it will.

If they’re in cheap suits and fake watches, be genuine, real.

If they call you with interruptions, be called upon when needed.

We are all in sales, but we don’t need to regress into becoming ‘salespeople’.