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December 18, 2017     Daily Post

Redefining Perfection

Perfection, in its usual sense, suggests the ultimate unattainable pedestal commonly used to excuse ourselves from starting something that matters. Or a romanticized ideal looked upon through rose-tinted glasses.

What if perfection meant something different? What if perfection simply meant that something does exactly what its supposed to do?

Rolls-Royce is often considered to create automotive perfection – the ultimate driving experience.

They perfected making you feel ‘special’.

They did not perfect making you feel ‘eco-friendly’. By that standard, a Toyota Prius is far more perfect than the Rolls. Should that mean the Rolls is lesser?

What if perfection were a journey rather than a destination? The pursuit of making your product do_exactly_ what its supposed to do?

With that meaning, achieving perfection becomes a pursuit focused on our goals. When defined in that way, please, be a perfectionist.