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November 08, 2019     Daily Post

Doing Things My Way

Sometimes, “doing things my way” is a recipe for ignorance, arrogance, and marginalization.

Other times, it’s the best way available:

If you’re experienced in this area and a client wants to go another direction, you need to share your way. They get to choose whether or not to listen. You get to choose what you’ll do in response to that. But it’s your responsibility to share your way, if your way is effective and their idea will lead them astray, it’s your moral duty to share your way as articulately and clearly as you can.

If you’re not experienced in this area, things are different. Your way is not the best way and it’s your job to recognize that. It’s when you do things your way in this scenario that dilutes the permission you seek in the times you genuinely know the way. Doing things your way here makes you “the boy who cried wolf”. If you don’t know what success looks like in this scenario, it’s your moral duty to reveal this truth. Doing so paves the way for when we should do things your way.

We want to do things your way if it leads to success. Do you know when that is? Will you equip us with the ability to hear you when it counts?