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694: 2,000 Ways To Make Your Product Better

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What area of your important work needs to develop?

Speed? Reliability? Understanding? Let’s use understanding as an example in this post, since almost everyone’s product or service suffers here. Consider:

Every touch-point is an opportunity improve understanding. Every interaction and experience with you and your work, from the very first touch before an engagement ever begins, all the way through to how they give referrals as a happy client. What would you come up with were you to draw them all out in a long line and ask yourself, “What one thing can I do to this individual interaction with us that will improve their level of understanding?” If you have 100 touch-points, do you think you would come up with at least one simple ways to improve understanding each? I thought so, too. So far, we have 100 ways to make your product better.

The space between every touch-point is also an opportunity to improve understanding. Your client is engaged with you even while not interacting with you. Perhaps they’re wondering what happens next? Perhaps they’re struggling to complete a task with your product and need guidance or support? All the times you’re not interacting with them are opportunities to create increased understanding, too. For instance, if they could be wondering what you might be up to between interactions, would sending them a ready-made video informing them of what you’re up to help increase their understanding? If you have 100 touch-points, that’s 100 spaces between each touch-point. If you challenged yourself to come up with at least one simple thing to improve understanding for each space, could you? I thought so, too. That’s another 100 ways to make your product better.

Multiply by the number of areas you’d like to improve. So far we’ve only covered understanding. What about speed? Reliability? Price? Fun? There are so many variables to measure against in your value matrix of competitive advantage. If you decided upon 10 areas of importance and completed the above activities for each of them, that gives you 2.000 simple, individual, small improvements you can use to make your product better.

What are you waiting for?


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707: Worth Is Relative

How much is your furniture worth?
I’m about to move countries. So there’s furniture for sale. How much is it worth?
Worth is relative. It’s not about the item on offer. It’s about the relationship, the focus, and the commitment to those in your care.

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705: Make Them

When you write a blog post and publish it, it becomes live for the whole world to see.
Surely, then, people who have the problem you’re presenting will read your post and move forward with your call to action, right?
However, the problem is this: “People” aren’t reading it.

You are creating what matters.

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