What’s the future like for that which matters to you?

For the meaningful work you do, the causes you support, the vision you carry?

The future you bank on is, upon closer inspection, not one future at all.

There are thousands of futures. Each decision we make takes us down a different path. Do we build this product or that product? Do we hire this person or that person? Do we try this campaign or that campaign? Each decision creates a different destiny.

They are not right or wrong. A big part of the agonizing we experience in our work is predicated upon the supposition that one option is ‘right’ and one is ‘wrong’. Rarely is this the case. There are only decisions we can make today, and decisions we can make tomorrow. Tomorrow’s may be more enlightened than today’s, that’s fine, today’s get you there. Perhaps you’ll realize you chose the wrong domain name for your website and have to change it. Better to have launched, learned and optimized than to have remained unpublished ‘pending further research’.

Pick the domain name. Name the product. Try the campaign. Make the hire. Adjust course accordingly.