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691: When You Think You’re Making Sense, But Aren’t

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A byproduct of subculture often appears to be “lingo”:

“Manage the polarity in the physical plane, from the Wu Chi to the Human.” For those well-versed in Taoist philosophy, this is personal development. To the rest of the world, it’s woo-woo nonsense. The intent is sound, but the language causes ideas to go ignored.

“Saved by grace through faith, I am washed with the blood of the lamb.” For those well-versed in Christian culture, this is a reverent way of being thankful. To the rest of the world, it’s dogmatic babble. The intent is sound, but the delivery preaches only to the converted.

“Our quarterly KPIs aren’t reflected on the P&L, let’s increase CLV.” For those well-versed in the business world, this is part of goal-setting. To the rest of the world, it’s just verbal scrabble. The intent is sound, but it’s disingenuous to claim to receive ideas from janitors to C-levels when only the C-levels can understand what you’re saying.

Everyone thinks they make sense. We’re not the best person to judge whether we make sense. Better, then, to ask those we’re trying to communicate to.


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707: Worth Is Relative

How much is your furniture worth?
I’m about to move countries. So there’s furniture for sale. How much is it worth?
Worth is relative. It’s not about the item on offer. It’s about the relationship, the focus, and the commitment to those in your care.

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705: Make Them

When you write a blog post and publish it, it becomes live for the whole world to see.
Surely, then, people who have the problem you’re presenting will read your post and move forward with your call to action, right?
However, the problem is this: “People” aren’t reading it.

You are creating what matters.

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