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690: Saving Geographic Communities

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Walking around the market was a joy not because you knew you had unlimited options, but because you knew the decisions you made benefited your community.

Now you can just go to Amazon, an operation that loses money on almost everything it does because their goal is growth, not profit (they have no profit, that’s why they pay no taxes).

And so markets close down. Why go through the trouble of buying something that costs twice as much from someone with limited stock and rent to pay for every 20 mile radius they wish to serve, when you can pay half the price for unlimited stock that reaches the whole world?

My original hope for the initial rise in co-working was that we would experience a new local market: the benefits of online with the local support and advocacy of traditional markets.

WeWork was the final nail in that coffin; a cancer that mauled the co-working market, rendered many people jobless, while creating windfalls for founder Adam Neumann to the tune of >$800,000 per newly jobless employee. The global local model was bastardized to benefit a single player.

We can still hold out hope for co-working spaces, and for a new local market to be born. But it’s likely going to look very different to the co-working environments we’ve seen in the past. Further, I believe the co-working culture needs to bend toward public benefit rather than personal gain in order to realize its potential. It needs to become a cause-driven initiative much like the ones you and I lead.

Today we mourn. But we can be hopeful that the right team will learn from history and build something far better.


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972: Meet Mort

Following this voice doesn’t necessarily help people solve their problems; he’d argue that selling untested information that may or may not help the recipient is just a reality of business.
Mort’s all about Mort, and how Mort can get ahead. Don’t be like Mort.

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970: Clever Marketing, Dumb Product

Bad products, on the other hand, need all manner of smooth moves to peddle toward unsuspecting victims. Either because the product is bad, or because the product designer spent no time learning what those it’s designed for actually need. Oh wait, that makes it a bad product, too!
Connection converts.

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969: Need to Learn Basis

That saves you from the wasted hours or evenings “researching” things that don’t impact the week. Or “preparing” for things you don’t yet need to prepare for.
It focuses you on moving the tasks at hand, making progress every day toward the goals we’ve set that matter.
Isn’t that what the learning was for in the first place?

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968: Draw It For Me

Your product development. What does it look like? When our team worked on defining narrative structures to help brands connect with their audiences, the work wasn’t done until it could be drawn, simply and plainly.
Your vision for the future of your work. What does it look like?

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967: The Gift of Pursuit

Sales and marketing should include the gift of pursuit. Not harassment and stalker-tracking and wearing people down…but don’t throw the baby out with the bath water here: the gift of pursuit is a noble pursuit and a wonderful gift.

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