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October 29, 2019     Daily Post

You’re My Client Too

If I buy something from you, am I your client, or are you mine?

Trick question: the answer is both.

I am your client – you are going to render the service I paid for by representing yourself in the best manner you possibly can. To advise me and create as much success for me as you can in your chosen field.

You are also my client – it’s my responsibility to engage as fully as possible for the benefit of my companies. To represent myself and our work in the best manner I possibly can.

Often, as a buyer, we lean back and just expect to be served. We don’t always consider how differently we behave compared to if we were the one doing the serving ourselves.

The direction that money happens to be flowing in isn’t the point. Money flows everywhere, it’s the energy of the market. It may flow out today, but it may flow back tomorrow ten-fold, in no small part from the advantage we’re experiencing from our present engagement with you, but also in part because those serving us too have problems we may be able to solve. Or perhaps those they know may have problems we can solve.

In every market engagement, it pays to maintain the mindset of, “You’re my client, too.” If you’re doing work that matters, even more so.

For whom are you a client? How can you mine ores of value from this engagement, to enhance your perception and help that energy flow to your benefit too?