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October 27, 2019     Daily Post

The Services You Don’t Know You Offer

The services you don’t know you offer aren’t truly services until you treat them as such:

Helping someone figure out what to do: Oftentimes, those in your care don’t know what to do. Whether it’s purchasing professional services or deciding what to add to cart on an eCommerce store, knowing what to do is a process in need of a solution. If you’re able to be there to help them solve this problem, you have solved an important problem that neither of you may have fully appreciated.

Do you skim straight past the fact you did that, or do you inform those in your care that you’re able to offer this concierge problem solving service? They can’t appreciate your level of care if they don’t see it.

Helping someone figure out what it should cost: Establishing the right price for a project is often riddled with concerns and insecurities. A client may not want to disclose a budget in fear of being drained of every last cent of it. A company may not want to extend price options without a budget in fear of guessing too high or low.

So skip the guessing: the ability to understand a client and lead them toward the right purchase, the right volume of purchase and the right frequency of purchase is a valuable service you may be offering to the market. They can’t appreciate this moral and professional level of care unless you educate them.

Helping someone back on track when they’re getting distracted: You probably know what success looks like in your industry. Those you serve probably don’t, because it’s not what they do. As such, it’s juvenile to suppose anyone you serve could ever appreciate the leanest, most effective, most powerful way of having their problem solved better than you do.

As such, it’s your responsibility to steer them right with every opportunity you get. This act of leadership and support is a valuable service they may not experience anywhere else. They won’t know that unless you educate them.

There are services surrounding what you currently know to be your important, meaningful work. If you can only see them, show them the dignity of elevating your commitment to each of them, then educate those you serve that these are valuable services with problems being solved throughout, those in your care are sure to be thankful for your fiduciary support.