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October 19, 2019     Daily Post


Doing the right thing isn’t usually very comfortable.

Anticomfort is about taking yourself out of the picture:

Taking yourself out of your marketing gives you room to make it all about those you wish to serve. Marketing isn’t about you. Prospects move forward when they clearly see their journey represented in your words and a clear path from problem to solution. All of that is about them, not about you. Are you brave enough to tell their story rather than your own?

Taking yourself out of the center of your world gives you room to put others and their needs in the center. What does your team, or your family, or your industry need from you that only you can bring? Is there a cause in need of support that your team could commit a percentage of profits toward? These things won’t happen if you’re focused on yourself.

Taking yourself out of familiar territory gives you opportunity to test your skills in new ways. Expert at writing PHP? Spin up Rails and give that a whirl; its opinionated nature could help refine your code. Comfortable on camera? Try talking to a live audience; the inability to “take 2” helps you get your words right the first time around.

Taking yourself out of a negative environment gives you room to grow into your best self. If each time you find the energy to create something new and exciting, you’re shot down with negativity and skepticism, you’ll train yourself to not create new and exciting things. Does your team – and family – both build you up? If not, changes are required.

Anticomfort may not be comfortable, but there’s comfort to be found in the knowledge that you’re building a better future.