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October 18, 2019     Daily Post

We Need You To Do It

There are some things you can delegate.

Others, though, we need you to do:

Perhaps it’s that video. We need your face on that video, your voice, your energy. Those other things, you can delegate those, we need** you** to do this. Were it to be somebody else, we wouldn’t connect with that audience in quite the same way.

Perhaps it’s that client conversation. We need your voice on that call, because it’s you the client turns to when they need someone. We need you there, representing all of us. Were it to be somebody else, that client wouldn’t feel as amazing as they would were you had been there to nurture them.

Perhaps it’s that piece of code. We need your hands in that codebase, because nobody knows it quite like you do. The other pieces you can delegate, this piece needs your touch. Maybe it needs to be updated so that others can touch it too, but when things get down to it, you’re the last line of defense, the single best person on earth to do this, right here.

Delegation and systemization is really important for growing teams. Those activities should help reveal what we need you to do more than anybody else.

What does your team need you – and only you – to do?

Do that today. We’re relying on you.