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October 17, 2019     Daily Post

Mediocrity vs Creativity

Creativity might not work.

Social media posts that routinely share awards and team members favorite coffee won’t get you any attention. Nobody cares. But it’s safe and easy. You can pay anybody to make these.

Social media posts that share vulnerability, that reveal your secrets, that do something different, may not work. People may or may not respond. But at least they may actually respond, right?

Mediocre is safe. It’s buying Google Ads not because it’s the best fit for you, but because your boss understands where the budget went. Bravely investing in sending small toys to prospects because they tell your story might not work. The boss will wonder why you’re buying toys when their competitors are buying Google Ads.

But what if it worked, what if it delighted those you wish to serve? When we’re you last delighted by a Google Ad?

Mediocrity is job security. Creativity is the risky act of trying to make change happen.