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October 11, 2019     Daily Post

If You’ve Never Done Marketing Before

How do you spot someone who’s never done marketing before?

They think it is “done” when it “works”.

Marketing is never “done”. Anymore so than the act of showing those you care about that you care about them is ever “done”. Nor should you want it to be – the nature of moving targets is that fewer ever hit them, sustainably, time and time again.

Marketing doesn’t “work”. You work. Marketing simply creates opportunities for you to “work” – either to work on optimizing its ability to create such opportunities, or to lavish upon those you wish to serve when it does.

If your meaningful work is designed to better lives and make the world better, your marketing must do the same. And like your work, it’s never truly finished.

Now that you know it’s never perfect – forever a pursuit of those you wish to serve – you’ve learned the most important lesson in marketing behind that of “Marketing isn’t about you”.