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663: Wizards vs Gurus

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Which should your company be seen as: a guru… or a wizard?

We’re sold the idea of being a guru. On always being the expert. On “building massive value” with your expertise. On growing your following, getting your message out there, monetizing.

There’s a whole lot of “you” in that description. Where does the body of people we wish to serve fit into all that?

Enter, the wizard.

You may recall a story of a certain young hobbit making his way to Mt. Doom to dispose of a ring.

That young hobbit – Frodo – had men and women of various stripes and species rally around him to lend aid to his quest.

To be the wizard – Gandalf – is to be the one Frodo can trust on his journey. Not to be dazzled with insights while being enrolled in a social media following, but loved upon. Focused on. Supported in his journey toward the goal.

To be the wizard is to not focus on your own story, but on the story unfolding in the lives of those we wish to serve.

To be the guru is to focus on yourself.

Which do you think the market needs from you?


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My blog is dedicated to sharing ideas, insights and challenges that will help you create and sell what matters for the betterment of your cause.

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797: House Rules

Please, make the experience of doing business with your company as accommodating, delightful and memorable as you can. But for the benefit of everyone you serve, don’t sacrifice your “house rules”. They’re important for you and for those in your care.

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796: Play Your Game

Someone else made a bigger impact in their chosen field than you? Unless your mission is the same as theirs – unless you’re playing the exact same game – comparison makes no sense. Play your game.

You are creating what matters.

So how can we help you
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Marketing Isn't About You

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