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October 03, 2019     Daily Post

Which Taxi Would You Take?

Two taxis pull up to pick you up. Which do you take?

The first taxi is brand-new, shiny, great new paint job and has that ‘new car smell’. There’s chilled water bottles in the back seat. It’s playing your favorite album. The driver is new to your town – he arrived last night. He uses his phone for navigation, but doesn’t know the local tricks to get around faster.

The second taxi is not brand-new. It looks like what you imagined your parents drove when they were in their early 20s. Except it hasn’t seen the sight of a carwash in a long time. But the driver cut his teeth on these very streets  – he’s taxi’d people around town for over 30 years and counts his total sick-days on one hand. He doesn’t use a phone, these streets are a part of him.

The businesses we lead and support ask the marketplace to make this same decision every day.

Many companies focus on the paint job, ‘new car smell’ and water bottles. Those are all great things to have. But without ensuring those you wish to serve truly feel you know how to get them to where they’re going, none of it matters.

They’re on a journey. How clearly do they know you know how to get them to their destination?