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September 28, 2019     Daily Post

Redefining “Mobile”

What’s the main device in your life?

Your phone? Same here.

How often are you using that ‘on the go’? Not very often? Same here.

It’s time to redefine ‘mobile’:

Most of our devices are mobile. Phones, tablets, laptops, smartwatches, it all fits in a backpack and goes with you wherever you’re going. They’re no more or less “mobile” than we are.

**We are not “on the go”. **Phones, tablets, laptops, smartwatches, we use all of these in our offices and in our homes far more than we do while ‘on the go’. Cars are mobile devices. Smartphones are not.

Your website’s “mobile” experience is likely being viewed by someone sat close to a laptop, but deliberately chose to browse from their phone because it’s their main device. It need not be a reduced experience “while on the go”, but as immersive and memorable as whatever they’d get on the big screens.

Your communication strategy is likely lagging behind the preferences of those you wish to serve. 46% prefer messaging over email. 49.4% prefer messaging to phone calls. Not because they’re “on the go” or “mobile”.

The world changed, but it’s not mobile anymore.