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September 26, 2019     Daily Post

You Were Lucky

How do you feel when you hear that?

“You were lucky”?

We often hear it and think it’s demeaning our hard work. Marginalizing our progress. Mocking our sacrifices.

We give ourselves too much credit.

Being the lucky one that hits the egg. Born into a developed nation to parents who raised us well. At a time in history we’re all so connected. Luck abounds. We’d be fooling ourselves if we tried to overlook how lucky we are who are able to read this post.

As you work on important projects, investing yourself into bodies of work that matter, let’s not lose sight of how incredibly lucky we are to be afforded the opportunity to do this work. Even our rough days where things don’t go at all to plan are days to be thankful for.

Keep working at it, you lucky duck.