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September 21, 2019     Daily Post

Answers Aren’t Obvious, Questions Are

How do you transform your thinking?

There are lots of questions we don’t think to ask of ourselves, our peers, or prospects in business. We don’t ask because we deem the answer obvious.

For instance, assuming shoppers at a fashion store will always want the clothes to be cheaper. “Of course they’d want things to be cheaper, that’s a silly question!”

If the question posed to them is, “Would you like cheaper clothes?” The answer will invariably be, “Yes, of course.” The answer is only obvious because the question was obvious.

What if instead the question was something like, “What values do you place on the clothes you wear?” The answer is unlikely to be “Cheapness, I want my things to be cheaper”, is it? Cheapness goes out of the window, now we’re focused on things like manufacturing process, longevity, and sustainability. Suddenly, we’re not looking at price tags anymore.

The answer wasn’t obvious. The question was.

So. How do you transform your thinking, or the thinking of someone else?

Ask yourself – or them – a question that has never been asked.