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September 14, 2019     Daily Post

Why Your Story Matters To Their Story

We need a champion.

Not an armor-clad fearless warrior. Not a perfect white-winged angel. Not a fountain-of-all-knowledge genius of a guru.

A champion. One who has suffered, struggled, practiced and worked their way to the front. One who still doesn’t know everything. One who still bleeds.

When we share our stories with the marketplace, perfection won’t earn us trust. We can’t relate to perfect. The world we live in isn’t perfect. Perfect people won’t know how to solve our problems.

But one who knows the struggle, who can articulate it like we can, who is willing to put themselves out there and help us? That’s someone we feel we can trust.

When representing ourselves in the marketplace – when you’re manicuring your profiles and getting your photos just right – are you representing yourself as our champion, or something we can’t relate to?