You probably ponder where your company could go next, sometimes.

What opportunities are out there that you could leverage. The tools you might use, or messages you might share.

The loudest voices online may lull you into following a well-trodden path. “Install this on your site.” “Be a guru, make a course.” “Make more funnels, make more offers.”

A question we don’t often ask ourselves is, “Would you be proud if you did?”

Perhaps you’d have runaway success as a pushy online marketer with a last-minute (not really) course opt-in available to a “limited number of VIPs” (anyone who’ll sign up).

Or maybe you’d make a killing by releasing those in your care into the hands of mostly-true-but-not-really email sequences that go above and beyond what they ever really wanted to hear from you.

But would you be proud if you did?

Our work is precious. It’s an opportunity to show the world what we’re all about. It’s an opportunity to show ourselves what we’re all about.

The market is starving for people who tell the truth. Make us – and yourself – proud. We’ll all reward you for it.