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August 31, 2019     Daily Post

What The World Beats Out Of You, Sets You Apart

Whether you’re a founder, designer, project manager or customer service rep, the world beats some things out of you.

And it’s the things it beats out of you, that set you apart…if you can hold on to them.

Traits that slip

It remains a fascination to me how things like decorum, decency and honor – things we should extend to all human beings anyway – are so frequently deemed stand-out features among leaders.

Being a good person… looking for the best in others… going the extra mile… showing respect whatever the weather… these things shouldn’t make us special.

Yet they do.

Most teams are riddled with those who lose these traits. Yours need not be one of them.

During the storms

Storms will come. They do for every business.

How we behave during the storms is all that matters.

It’s easy to be nice when everything is nice. It’s easy to be fun when everything is fun. It’s easy to be glum when everything looks glum.

Leadership kicks in when we change the way things are, to how they should be.

The world may try to beat you down, but we choose whether to let these traits slip, and we choose how to behave during the storms.