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August 29, 2019     Daily Post

Bring Emotions To The Conversation

Ever heard someone say, “Check emotions in at the door”?

We hear it regularly during discussions about sales calls, client meetings, and the like.

It’s missing the point entirely:

**Their emotions are the point **

Those you wish to serve have a problem. One that is felt.

Felt strong enough to drive them to search the web, ask Siri, or pick up the phone to make the problem go away.

If there were no emotional connection with the problem, you wouldn’t be having that conversation with them in the first place.

To suppose emotions do not belong in that conversation is to suppose the conversation shouldn’t happen. Or indeed, that the act of solving it might be extraneous. That doesn’t bode well for the future of your business.

**Your emotions are not the point **

Because it’s not about you.

Whether you relate to the way they describe the problem or not isn’t the point. There’s something to be learned there.

Whether they understand – or value – the way you solve the problem isn’t the point. There’s something to be taught there.

Empathising with their emotions – while keeping yours out of the picture – not only helps with closing deals and serving clients, it’s also the respectful thing to do.

They’re hurting.