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August 23, 2019     Daily Post

You’re Not Always The Expert

Young faces proclaiming the secrets to living well…

Old faces explaining what the youth need today…

You’re not always the expert:

Expertitis is a thing

The challenge that comes with becoming an expert, is that it runs the very real risk of becoming habitual.

One can fall into the illusion that they’re a noteworthy fountain of insight on all topics that cross their desk.

No truer has this ever been than today, where ‘guru’ status can be entertained for merely 5¢ per video view on Facebook.

The cure for Expertitis

Expertitis need not be chronic, or indeed ever contracted, if you know how it’s contracted and consequently cured.

It’s caught by turning your affections away from those in your care and instead toward yourself. The question on your lips strays from, “How can I equip these people?” to, “How can I look clever and enhance my brand?”

If you happen to contract this terrible virus, the cure is simple: remember who you’re in service of. All good experts – and all good leaders – are so because of their willingness to put those they wish to serve ahead of themselves.

Beware those with Expertitis. You’re not always the expert; that’s precisely why you’re the best person in the world to serve your choice of market.