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August 20, 2019     Daily Post

Client Mutual Respect

The holy grail in client relations, beyond advocacy, is deep mutual respect born of a long, fruitful and (mostly) successful partnership.

You do good work. You almost always do. Occasionally you slip up. They’ve known you long enough to know it’s an exception to the rule, and they think nothing of it. They flag it, but everyone knows it’s no red flag, merely an observation with mutual respect.

They listen to your direction. They almost always do. Occasionally they don’t. You’ve known them long enough to know sometimes it’s just part of their process, and think nothing of it. You take their lead and lead up, as acts of mutual respect

You’re partners now. They’re important to your business, as are you to theirs. Good work is done, personalities learn to dance together, they wouldn’t choose anyone else, thanks to that mutual respect.

If this sounds alien to you, step up your game. If it sounds familiar, well done: keep it up.