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August 19, 2019     Daily Post

More On Things That Last

Last February, we talked together about investing in things that last.

I thought I’d unpack in a little more detail some differences between what does – and doesn’t – last for companies doing meaningful work:

Things that don’t.

Tactics fade. There are countless tactics across industries, and each tends to lose effectiveness with saturation. Invariably, by the time there are umpteen online courses preaching the majesty of a particular tactic, it’s too late.

Hacks/tricks fade. “Hidden secrets that will transform your business” aren’t hidden and won’t transform your business. These suffer the same fate as the tactics above. A dependency on tactics may bring small injections of results, but are all short-lived in their nature. If it’s in a blog post, it may already be losing its luster.

‘New’ fades. An iPhone X is ‘new’ until the iPhone XS is released, or indeed any annual cycle flagship device. If ‘new’ is your advantage, prepare for its short shelf-life. Some things get better with time. Others hold value as a brick swims.

Things that do.

Great offers last. A powerful offer that speaks to the needs of a particular body of people, that is not predicated upon certain tactics or hacks or newness, is an asset that will last. Great offers are rare, given the marketplace’s tendency to commoditize itself. If you have one, t’is a precious thing.

Great messaging lasts. Part of the power in the offer above is in its ability to understand who it’s talking to, and what they need to hear from you. This communication ‘superpower’ extends to your entire operation. A lifelong learning exercise and a gift that never stops giving.

Great mission lasts. If you’re making an impact in an area your audience shares a heart for, your connection with those in your care will far exceed your competitive advantage. Consumers wear their hearts on their sleeves, heads, backs, feet, etc.

Invest in things that last, for your enterprise to stand the test of time and make a lasting difference in the lives of those you wish to serve.