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August 14, 2019     Daily Post

The Scary World Of Business Growth Through Contraction

Growth by contraction? How does that work?

Let’s paint a picture of crazy, for a moment:

“Trying to do everything you hear in blog posts, all at once, because you were told you should be doing those things.”

Sound familiar?

You were told you should be guest posting. And using Facebook Ads. And Instagram stories. And LinkedIn messaging. And pop-ups on your website. The list goes on.

Ever notice how, when you try to do everything at once, nothing ends up working?

Those posts don’t get placed. The ads don’t work. Nobody sees your stories. Nobody replies to your messages. Your pop-ups wind everyone up. The list goes on, again.

What if you were to scale down the number of things you tackled at once… and focused on them one at a time?

Contraction gives focus, and focus enables expansion.

But freneticism doesn’t enable expansion. Rather, it results in contraction.

Maybe you’ve tied a bit of this and a bit of that. You’ve tried dabbling, hustling, trying to do everything at once. Maybe you’ve realized it doesn’t work.

What if you were to instead choose contraction in efforts today, for the focus it can bring toward the things that matter first, so that you can start creating some small wins?

It’s more fun to build upon success to create more success than it is to build upon failure to create more failure.