There are lots of little things we buy online while shopping. Our customers are shopping for these things too. Do you have these in stock?

Respect: Stock tends to run low on this for customers who don’t align with a company’s ideals. Perhaps the customer doesn’t understand how to use an item, or they’re more emotional than many. You can do better: make sure you stock levels more-than-match the number of customers you have.

Discipline: Stock run down to back-order on this when companies sell more product than they have available. Perhaps the business got busy, they felt temporarily invincible, and they ‘relaxed’. You can do better: make sure you have as much of this in stock as you do the products you sell.

Empathy: Nothing else sells if you run low in stock on this item. Customers tend to buy their own narrative told back to them, not products and services. It’s a big reason why so many businesses don’t sell much. You can do better: ensure you always have abundantly more of this in stock than you need.

There are many more items like this that we must keep stocked in our companies. These are just three that are frequently ‘out of stock’. Do you have enough respect, discipline, and empathy in stock for your customers?