Happy customers need more than just your products.


Why, when you buy an iPod, do you then buy a Mac, an iPhone, an iPad, AirPods, and a HomePod?

Hint: it’s not because you needed any of those things.

Your phone worked fine. So did your laptop. You didn’t need more headphones. Or a new home stereo.

The glue was the experience. A story you told yourself as you used one product, that you wanted to tell yourself again, and again, and again.

Mountain Zebra Scarf

Why, when one has plenty of appropriately-priced scarves, would a $415 Hermes scarf become something someone ‘needed’?

Why, when denied the purchase of a Birkin bag, would someone then proceed to purchase twillies and tableware to “earn the right” to purchase the bag?

Experience. A story one tells themselves as they use one product, that they wanted to tell themselves again, and again, and again.

Sometimes, the luster isn’t in what you sell, but the story you tell.