My wife and I had a coupon in the mail for some free coffees at a local coffee place this week.

I asked if we’d get one each if we used them.

Of course, it’s limit one per visit, only applies when you buy a particular item in their store.

“Obviously” the coupon wouldn’t be for just a free drink without strings attached. “Obviously” it would be only if you buy something.

What if it was just for free?

They would have new customers experiencing their brand in new ways. Customers who may want to repeat that experience if it was great.

Perhaps offering what would normally be “obviously” not possible, would be precisely what they need to stand out.

When it’s “obviously” not possible to everyone else, making it possible is an act of service that doesn’t go unnoticed.

“Discount today” can’t compete with “Free today, paid tomorrow”, particularly when ”tomorrow” becomes the day after too, providing the experience and service were good enough.

Fear is the only reason why things are “obviously” not possible; fear that your experience isn’t good enough, that people won’t return.

Are you afraid to be found out as a fraud, or are you brave enough to serve like you’re not?