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August 02, 2019     Daily Post

Why You Got Complacent & Didn’t Notice ​

We all got complacent in our businesses. Maybe not today or yesterday, but some time, in some parts of our work.

We got complacent and we didn’t even notice. We may still not have noticed. It’s time to take notice:

You made a product and it worked

A product that doesn’t sell gets your attention. You try things, you’re brave with the changes. Because you need to make it work, right? What is there to lose?

The problem is, you figured it out. It started to work, and you kept it that way. Now you have some time to lose.

What we don’t tend to notice is, when we stop being brave, we leave the potential to be many times greater for our market and those we wish to serve, on the table.

Upside, advantage, transformation… it’s left on the table.

You got complacent. But what if you decided to be brave again?

You fit in and you like it that way

When your working relationships are a mess, they get your attention. They’re broken, and they need fixing. You have brave conversations where people get real about how they really feel. They’re the conversations that shape your relationships for years to come.

The problem is, eventually get on with those peers. Perhaps some more than others, but you get a thing going that works. Now you have something to lose.

What we don’t tend to notice is, safe conversations create tepid relationships. We leave the potential to be more with those around us so that we can collaborate and create more intimately and effectively than we could have thought possible.

When one keeps dropping the ball, the other is too comfortable to point it out.

You got complacent. But what if you decided to care more?

Our work gets better and our impact greater when we’re brave enough to care more.