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August 01, 2019     Daily Post

Dog And Pony Marketing

When something is clearly articulated to meet my needs, I don’t need convincing.

When something is not clearly going to meet my needs, out comes Dog And Pony Marketing.

What is Dog And Pony Marketing

Dog And Pony Marketing is the art of creating a carefully crafted sequence of sensational nonsense designed to compel unsuspecting prospects to part with their money.

When we’re not clear on who we’re talking to and what to say to them in order to help them progress, there’s lots of tools we must leverage.

Thinly-sliced eBooks that up-sell webinars and $47 cheat-sheets. Sales calls that are rebranded as strategy sessions. Eighteen months of unrelenting email follow-up for that limited-time offer that expires in 24 hours.

Hacks and tricks are all that remain when we don’t care to understand our audience well enough to truly serve them.

What is the alternative?

At its core, the alternative is to do none of those things.

Certainly, technology can be leveraged to serve more intimately. The tools can be retrofitted for acts of service. But, at its core, none of it is required.

What is required, is a thorough understanding of who we’re talking to and what we should say to them (example). Armed with such a message, what else do you need?