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July 27, 2019     Daily Post

Social Good VS Shareholders

Doing good has always been hard.

It has always been easier to turn a profit when you don’t keep giving it away to people who can never repay you. Worse, to those who you wouldn’t permit to repay you, even if they could.

The interesting change occurring today is… that’s all changing.

See change

People wear their hearts on their sleeves, heads, pants, wrists… this is the new economy: people care more now.

Assuming responsibility for the world we live in – using business as a vehicle to manifest change – is our new economy.

Stakeholders need more interests

Stakeholders in cause-driven businesses know this.

Focusing on profit doesn’t lead to more profit.

Focusing on solving social problems in collaboration with the market, solves problems in collaboration… and creates profit.

The marketplace supports businesses when their beliefs align.

Not so much the ones that pursue profit alone.

Shareholders serve us in serving the world. If a shareholder is OK with that, they won’t be left behind.