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July 26, 2019     Daily Post

Ads Don’t Work Anymore, Right?

We see 10,000 ads a day, according to Forbes. Ten thousand.

And we receive them across phones, tablets, notebooks, smart TVs, smart speakers, messengers… people are getting blind to ads, right?


What doesn’t work anymore

People are not getting blind to ads.

They’re getting blind to selfish people.

They’re more-than-ever interested in messages, stories and encounters with people who clearly have a heart of service for them.

People may be seeing 10,000 ads a day. But 99% of those are selfish.

The cost is increasing for the 99%. That’s why the 1% has such an opportunity in marketing today.

What works now

As a cause-driven or sustainable business, your heart is in serving others. You wouldn’t be able to hack cause-driven work for the long-haul if it wasn’t.

That’s the secret ingredient most lack today.

If you tell the right story, to the right people, from a heart of service, you become part of the 1% of advertisers who get it right.

Here’s the ad formula for companies doing great work:

Care enough about those you wish to serve to listen, understand, then serve unapologetically.

You don’t enter the equation. They’ll come knocking when they recognize who you really are from the above ‘formula’.

You are the solution to your advertising woes. Harness what makes you special.

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