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July 25, 2019     Daily Post

How Do You Measure Progress?

We all measure progress a little differently, don’t we? Consider these scenarios…

Male entrepreneurs on Instagram with their success quotes and nice suits.

‘Like’ counts that dictate whether the highlight reel of our life is worthy.

How many dollars turned-over in our business in a 12-month period.

Compare these scenarios to…

Using the tools available to us to bring something special to the world (because the well-copied path is already well-trodden).

Staying the process regardless of how many ‘Likes’ something gets (they really don’t matter that much, it’s a game some play and others don’t).

How much of a difference you and your team made in the areas you set out to influence (since dollars are seldom a good scoreboard for change-making).

How do you measure progress?

Tip: If you want to communicate the latter to the market, will help you do that.