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July 24, 2019     Daily Post

The Customers You’re Turning Away

You’re turning customers away without realizing it.

The reason? Paradoxically, because you’re too afraid to turn away customers intentionally. Let’s unpack this…

Why nobody wants to ‘wear’ your brand

Nobody wants to wear one-size-fits-all clothing.

It’s not flattering. It doesn’t pull in any of the right places. It doesn’t hide your embarrassing bits. It’s not your color.

Yet the garment that doesn’t want to turn anyone away… the garment that pursues a “yes” from everyone… gets a “no” from everyone, instead.

The market wants what is flattering. What does pull in the right places. That does hide their embarrassing bits. Because it understands their needs.

Is your product or service one-size-fits-all, or does it focus on the needs of those you wish to serve?

Avoid ‘company merchandising’ like the plague

This isn’t just for the sustainable fashion brands watching.

This is for all cause-driven and sustainable brands: If you want to be wearable, don’t be like market “swag”.

You know the kind… the things you pick up at tradeshow booths to use as pyjamas. The t-shirt you wouldn’t be seen dead in. The water bottle that isn’t as good as the one you already have.

They’re made to be ‘functional’ for anyone who would pick them up at the booth. And consequently, bespoke to nobody.

This line of thinking extends to all of your brand marketing. Think about it… Do you want your brand to be the “it’ll do for pajamas” option, or the “this fits me perfectly” option?

If you want the latter, you need to be ready to turn away some customers. Indeed, the only way to get more customers, is to start turning off those who aren’t a good fit for you.

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