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July 22, 2019     Daily Post

Delaying Purpose

There’s a popular Forbes article doing the rounds at the moment, citing that social enterprises must put purpose second in order to survive.


Delaying purpose delays connection

Purpose is part of a cause-driven or sustainable business’ ability to relate to its target audience.

It’s a way to isolate not just “why this” but also “why us” and “why now”.

Delaying connection–denying a business’ ability to relate with and endear those it wishes to serve–is a fast-track to commoditization.

Social enterprise – social = enterprise

As we’ve covered many times on the blog, consumers are becoming increasingly intolerant to companies without a cause.

So why, then, in a time of crisis would a cause-driven or sustainable business shed one of the very things that grants it such a market advantage?

Not to mention the lives of those who are relying on the business to support them.

The reality is, cause-driven and sustainable brands must be held to a higher standard. 

More is at stake for companies like these. They don’t get to drop the cause when time get tough, because social good is not a luxury but a responsibility.

If you’d drop your advocacy at the first sign of trouble, are you really cause-driven, or just cause-convenient?

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