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July 20, 2019     Daily Post

Social Proof VS Ego Stroke

Your social-conscious or sustainable brand has a website.

We’re told to put testimonials and ‘social proof’ on our websites, right?

There’s two approaches to this. One’s right, one’s wrong. Let’s get into them:

The first is the “ego stroke”

This is the most common form of ‘social proof’.

We’re told to take our best reviews and put them online. The problem is, we listen for what sounds like the best review…to us.

To us, we’ll select the one that makes us feel great. The one that says we’re amazing. “The best ever. Great product. Love it.”

These tell visitors nothing. But they make us feel good, and our mums proud.

It’s all about us. And that’s why they don’t help.

The second is the “proof of impact”

This is the less common form of endorsement.

These quotes–or videos–scarcely mention you at all. Rather, they focus on the problem somebody else had, and how they solved it, using you as a bridge from ‘problem’ to ‘solution’. You’re a tool, a method, a means to an end. But definitely not the focus.

These tell visitors everything they need to hear: “If you have this problem, and want this solution, here’s how I achieved that.”

It’s all about the customer, not the business, and that’s why most companies don’t choose these endorsements. They like the ones that make them feel good, instead.

Which will you choose for your website?

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