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July 15, 2019     Daily Post

Increase Is Our Responsibility

If you’re a cause-driven or sustainable business, it’s time to change your relationship with sales.

Do you see it as…


“They wouldn’t be calling me if they weren’t desperate…” This is a saying I’ve encountered many times.

I’ve thought it myself, even.

The reality is, sometimes calls are from desperation. But that is very rarely the case. More often than not, they’re because a company was stable enough to invest in growth.

If you’re selling something useless, perhaps you’ve cause for concern. But that’s not you. You’re doing work that matters. It’s your responsibility to create increase.

Whether that’s picking up the phone or sending that email, it’s your duty to create increase if there are people who will benefit from your success – causes you support, clients, team members… they’re all relying on you.


“I wish they’d leave me alone, they keep calling…” This is a saying I’ve also encountered many times.

And it’s also one I’ve found myself saying in the past.

The reality here, again, is this is no excuse to not create increase. If you weren’t doing work that matters, perhaps it’d be worth dismissing as annoying.

But you’re not.

You’re doing important, cause-driven, sustainable work. To overcome the inertia and fear that plague those you wish to serve, is an act of service on your part. Most people are afraid to take action. Sales becomes a leadership role – of helping people move forward in ways most beneficial to them.

They need you to follow up. It’s not annoying to transform lives for the better.

Beneath you?

“There are more important things for me to think about than mere sales…” This is a mindset many founders suffer with.

Thankfully, I’ve not wrestled with this one personally.

Pondering ways to create change… more meaningful advantage for our choice of market… innovating and uncovering new and exciting ways to create transformation…

…Does any of that matter if it never finds its way into the hands of those who need it?

The best products and services don’t always win. The best-known do.

A great product or service created by a company too afraid to sell effectively is merely a waste of talent and enthusiasm.

You’re a disciple of the change you wish to see in the world. Sales is your weapon. Use it.

Increase is your responsibility.

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