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July 13, 2019     Daily Post

What’s A Simpler Way Of Doing That?

Most businesses have a resistance to the question, “What’s a simpler way of doing that?”

To ask it is to admit there may be a simpler way. And admitting it means something might have to change. That we may have been wrong, or that we may have over-complicated things.

Simpler is much harder.

A simple marketing message takes 10X the time and effort to create of a competing message 10X in length. And yet it’s usually 10X more effective.

An offer that is simple but immediately and clearly valuable, usually outweighs an offer that delivers 10X as much but takes 10X as long to understand.

In an effort to serve, we always seem to want to add more. When really, we should be stripping away.

Turns out, less really is more.

Simpler feels reckless.

Your industry might suggest you need a complicated product range. Ten different colors. Four pricing plans. 12 variations. To have only one product in that environment can feel reckless.

As can a simple marketing offer, when others insist you must have fourteen different offers with several marketing funnels associated with each. Sometimes, simply offering to talk with someone is enough.

An ability and willingness to do anything for your market, can degrade into offering everything to your market.

‘Everything’ is too many things.

A simpler way of doing that might give you the elegance and simplicity you need to connect with more people, more effectively.

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