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July 12, 2019     Daily Post

What Businesses Can Learn From Trump Fans

Whether you love him or hate him…

There’s no denying there’s a lot of folks who love him.


Selected regardless of competition

A Trump rally not far from my Florida home appeared to run successfully before anyone knew who would run against him in the next election. It simply didn’t matter to them.

Compare it to when an Apple-fan buys an iPhone. It’s of little consequence to them what the rest of the industry is doing. All that matters is what the brand they trust has prescribed for them.

For Trump, many appear to feel as though they have been heard–and represented–by him. These are those who are used to being overlooked in favor of a stereotypically higher-educated white-collar voting demographic.

Selected regardless of what he says

Trump famously quipped that he could shoot someone in Times Square NYC and not lose voters.

He might even be right.

A Tesla enthusiast won’t flinch when an autopilot-related car crash makes its way onto the news. “They’re working on the bugs”, they’ll reply.

Tesla gives its audience what they want. Futuristic technology for early-adopters that’s environmentally friendly and makes them look cool. The fact that the technology is experimental is part of the allure.

Similarly, Trump gives his audience what it wants, too. His audience wants things like bans on certain nationalities and tariffs to protect US industry, delivered using everyman vernacular. The fact that he’s occasionally crass in his language is part of the everyman endearment.

So what can our businesses learn from this?

Representing his tribe, listening to them, then doggedly committing to them regardless of those outside his focus may think, is a recipe for evangelism and advocacy.

What if your business were to channel those same emotions toward something good?

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