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July 11, 2019     Daily Post

Will They Tell Their Friends?

It’s one thing for someone to like a product or service of yours…

It’s a whole other thing for them like it so much that they’ll stake your reputation on it.

When you like a product

These types of customer aren’t particularly helpful. They buy, are satisfied, providing no advocacy and no feedback.

If they didn’t like your work, they’ll tell you why, and you’d improve it. But they’re happy enough – it’s “fine” for them.

We are these people, most of the time.

If we want to move people beyond this lukewarm place, we need to elevate them–and ourselves–to another level of engagement and transformation.

We need to create so much benefit that they’ll put their reputation on the line and tell their friends.

When you put your reputation on the line

These types of customer transform brands. From every one of these customers comes many more new customers. They’re organic, viral, referral-generating machines. They’re people who have harnessed the fullness of your market offering, and have derived maximum benefit from all your hard work.

Whether it’s a Birkin bag that never let you down, or a particular brand of smartphone you swear by, there are some brands you’ll stake your reputation on.

We aren’t this way very often. Few brands unlock this in us.

What if your brand was one that did?

What if you cared enough to understand who they are, to fall in love with them instead of your products, and to commit to their transformation?

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