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July 09, 2019     Daily Post

You’re A Designer Now

If you run a sustainable or cause-driven company, congratulations: you’re a designer now.

The relationships your work forges with the market needs designing intentionally.

You can’t leave it to happenstance; you’re held to higher standard of excellence since you represent a better way of working. The world may bend in your direction of sustainability, but the market is still deciding if it prefers the new economy or not.

You represent all of us. Be careful.

The economics behind your work need designing intentionally.

Remember, you have an additional overhead others don’t: a cause to support. Crafting a company that can support one effectively, while staying solvent, requires your thoughtful consideration.

Design your company intentionally, even if that means taking longer than your conventional counterparts would.

The experience you give to the market as it looks for someone like you has more potential than your conventional counterparts have.

Yours contains heart, shared beliefs, mission. To not tell that story effectively is to do yourselves–and those you want to support–a huge disservice.

The ability to leverage your mission as ethical competitive advantage in the marketplace is one of the rewards of doing good work.

Tip: If you want to make sure the story your audience sees about you is strong enough to make you stand out and sell better, go to