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July 07, 2019     Daily Post

Giving Your Service A Try

How do you ask the marketplace to give your product or service a try?

I find that folks fall into one of three buckets in this regard.

You’ll surely spot yourself in one of them. But is it the one you want to belong to?

1. Too loud to listen

The marketing world has a lot of this.

You know the folks. The ones who don’t know when to be quiet. To listen. That don’t realize you’re not interested in listening to them pitch and peddle their super-secret trick or life-changing webinar or never-seen-before eBook.

We don’t listen because we don’t feel heard.

These guys would benefit from a change of heart: they fell in love with themselves, instead of those they wish to serve.

2. Too proud to ask

The trouble with this one is, it sometimes works.

An intentionally constructed luxury offer that thrives on its inaccessibility is one such example. You can only buy a Ferrari if you already own a Ferrari.

But outside that design, what remains in this bucket is lots of scared business owners.

Those who may put out goodwill into the market. Perhaps they give samples, newsletters, video content even. But they’re afraid to ask for the sale.

Either because they believe it’s beneath them, or they’re afraid they’ll seem like the first bucket.

These guys need a change of focus: they’re still thinking about themselves, just like the first bucket. Only this time from self-consciousness rather than from grandiosity.

3. Too caring to leave

This one is the rarest of the three.

These people don’t want to appear pushy and slimy. And they understand that not offering to help people is also selfish; nobody’s lives are enriched when the business chooses not to act.

They care too much to not try to help people. They care too much to force people and make them uncomfortable. They care too much to let people make bad decisions.

These people thrive in the tension between the first two buckets. And they stay there by focusing exclusively upon those they wish to serve.

Which bucket are you in?

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