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July 06, 2019     Daily Post

You Don’t Have An Attention Problem

Do you think your brand needs more attention?

Attention isn’t the problem.

Attention is cheap, and you can buy it.

With $0.03 per video view on Facebook, targeted to almost anyone in the world, attention is cheap now.

We have to work pretty hard to create an attention problem for any meaningful brand.

And while the price may not always be so low, access is only going to become more widespread, as more and more of the world goes online.

If you’re focused on getting attention, move along to the next problem. Because this one has long been solved.

What you have is a commitment problem.

If attention is so cheap and so accessible, commitment is where you’re suffering.

Commitment to a particular body of people.

Commitment to understanding them well enough to have them see themselves in your words.

Commitment to crafting the right message–so that your choice of market will perk up and listen–is what is required to capitalize on the abundance of attention available to us.

There are no attention problems. Only commitment problems. How committed are you?

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