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July 02, 2019     Daily Post

Lake Como Merchant

Walking around Lake Como, I noticed a trend that plagues good online stores manifesting, in real life:

Many have exquisite products, but they do not distinguish themselves.

Great in who’s eyes?

If you have great products, but your audience has no way of telling, what good does having great products do?

Many of the low quality merchants appeared to be selling better simply because they, while low quality, made an effort to reach out to people.

How can you refine your product messaging so that you can’t be overthrown by inferior products produced by companies with less ethical responsibility to the market?


Different and Better are different things. You need both.

Better, alone, could be compared to a high-performance no-name smartphone found from a plastic container in Shenzhen, China. Better tech specs don’t set it apart. It’s just like all the others in the eyes of consumers.

Different, alone, could be compared to a haute couture item on sale that, while great for what it is, isn’t likely to be taken out of the wardrobe very often.

How can your work be both different, and better, at the same time?

There are lots of great products out there. And there are lots of people willing to do the work to connect with an audience.

What would happen to the market if you were able to do both…at once?

Tip: If you can create a great product, use to connect with your audience.