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July 01, 2019     Daily Post


What are three key things you can do to make your website world-class in your choice of market?

Our Creative team is representing in Lake Como to receive an award for being #1 internationally in “web design”, and we did so by following these three steps:

1: Get to know your audience better.

We think we can get by without this. We think we know them well enough.

We don’t.

This foundation can multiply every aspect of design, marketing, service, and sales. Shouldn’t we treat it as such?

2: Learn their story and empathize with it.

The only story that matters to those we wish to serve, is their own.

To become a part of their story and express it to them better than they could themselves far outweighs our own story in connection, contribution, and service.

What better story is there to them than the one they’re already telling themselves?

3: Commit to the audience over your product.

Your product matters only for as long as it solves the problem of those in your care.

When the problem changes and your solution doesn’t, that’s when advertising costs go up and contribution goes down. You stopped listening.

Express their story as best as you possibly can. Then don’t stop listening. If it changes, it’s your moral responsibility as a leader to those you wish to serve to listen, then serve.

Are you listening?

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