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June 30, 2019     Daily Post

Does This Work Really Matter?

Ever have the fear in the back of your mind that your product or service may not be worth it?

If so, good, it’s a healthy concern:

It reveals what matters.

Perhaps there’s an add-on you’ve been pondering or a piece of work you’ve been thinking of cutting. By allowing ourselves the concern, “Does this work really matter?” we can isolate what was missing that we were too afraid to add. The things that we’ve pondered before, but were scared to implement because “that’s not how our industry does things.”

It reveals what doesn’t matter.

At the same time, allowing ourselves this concern will reveal the things that–actually–we should have stopped doing long ago. The parts of our work that we do “because it’s what we do”, and perhaps turned a blind eye to the fact that our customers and clients never seem to get much value out of it.

How could the quality of work you render to the marketplace benefit from being challenged with the concern, “Does this work really matter?”

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