For your customers, that is.

See if you ever find yourself saying these phrases:

“They don’t understand”: Did you define their responsibilities? Perhaps refunds are up because your communication skills are down. What if your brand invested in better messaging, so those same customers can be secure in their understanding and appreciation for the process?

“There’s no pleasing them”: Did you understand what would please them? Or has your company simply been throwing guesswork at them in hope you’ll strike gold? Less processes = more pain. Are you the reason there’s no pleasing them?

“That customer was irrational”: Were they, or did they not clearly understand the dissonance between what they said and what they wanted? Who’s job is it to educate those in your care about what success looks like in your engagement, if they’re not yet clear?

You’re both the problem and the solution. If you’re a cause-driven company, look for the problems. Congratulations, they’re yours. Now you have the power to do something about them.

Tip: improve your messaging, improve your results. can help educate your potential customers about why you’re the best fit for them.